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I'm Buchy Pink, I'm from Spain and I love Japan, goth and cute things. I love music, specially visual kei, J-rock, J-Pop, K-pop, black music, and american rock. I'm a Audiovisual Comunication student.

Sep 05 2014

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Sep 03 2014

From Twitter

  • Tatsuro: I'm dressing up for the conversation with lynch.'s Hazuki-senpai!
  • Hazuki: Oh! Then it's better to dress up, too!
  • Tatsuro: *showing tongue* (`□´)
  • Shuu: Aren't you talking to Hazuki-sen? *laugh*
  • Hazuki: We are taking photos! *showing tongue*
  • Hazuki: @Tatsuro Thank you for today!
  • Shuu: The fans and I are waiting together for an upload of some 'tongue-showing' pictures with Hazuki-san and Tatsuro-san!
  • Hazuki: We already finished!
  • Shuu: Too bad...
Ago 31 2014

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Ago 26 2014

The Disney Castle is so beautiful! New Florida blogpost 

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Ago 26 2014

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Ago 26 2014

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Ago 26 2014
Ago 26 2014

Motto2 vol.7 Photoshoot 

Ago 26 2014
Ago 26 2014